Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Food Color Wheel

We need to eat more colorful foods. Why is that most Americans eat brownish beige food that all looks the same? We are told to eat fast, because work is more important than health. We have to eat fast, which makes us fatter and more lazy. That would make us work less and be more tired. Is that what the companies what? Tired and lazy workers? Do you want to so tired that you cannot even spend quality time with your family after work?

I do not mean drown your food in colorful sauces or anything like that. I mean eat a variety of different vegetables. Potatoes are nothing but carbs and starches, so let's try to limit the amount of the white potato veg. Just look at the color wheel chart about and see for yourself. You will feel better and look better day by day. Just work on giving it a try. You will thank yourself later on.

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