Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yard bird

I honestly did not or know about chicken being "Air Chilled". That is a new on for me. The taste of organic free ranged poultry is the best. The taste is more like chicken, if that is not hard to believe. The meat is not dry at all, but the birds are smaller because they are raised correctly.
Organic in reference to poultry means chickens are fed 100% non-GMO feed that contains no animal by-products. Air-chilled chickens absorb less water and have up to 80% lower bacteria counts than water-chilled chickens.


 Many chickens are processed in community-style chlorine baths before their packaging, adding unnecessary water weight to the meat before it’s delivered to grocery stores. In addition, water-chilled chickens lose their naturally flavorful juices as the excess water escapes during cooking.

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