Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pass the butter, please.

There is nothing wrong with butter in moderation. Okay, I know it is bad for your health, but it has been around for ages and it did not kill our ancestors. Their butter was made at home by hand, and it was not filled with mystery ingredients added in the mix. That is what is hurting us now, these "ingredients". Here are some reason to keep the butter on the table.

Grass-fed cows produce butter that has 50% more of the vitamins A & E, and almost 400% more beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body, than factory-farmed cows. Organically raised cattle also ensure high levels of naturally occurring omega-3s and CLA.


 Though organic may seem like a passing buzzword, consider this: Unwanted growth hormones (such as rBGH and rBST, “bovine growth hormones”) injected into factory-raised cattle accumulate in the highest concentration in butterfat.

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  1. you really can`t beat "real-farm made butter!" but, I`ve been using the "Smart Balances` butter" and I love the stuff, it goes on/in everything that requires a pat of butter! our ancestors weren`t worried about transfats, saturated fats or nitrites etc., etc., but then again they were probably more active in their lifestyles then we are today! what w/ sat tv, ps3&4, the internet even cell phones and remote controls made us less active! even kids today get a car when they turn 16~ish!! another good post Tyler!! 8 )