Thursday, February 20, 2014

15 different ways to become healthier.

If you can't splurge on classes . . . DO A WORKOUT DVD. You can get a solid workout in your own living room for the price of a private yoga lesson or a few dance classes. The trick is to stay motivated when your comfy couch is beckoning from a few feet away. These tricks can help:
1. Treat your workout time like an actual class. Schedule time in your day to work out, and stick with it.
2. Even if you don't feel like pushing yourself to the limit, at least push yourself to start.

3. Invite a friend.
If you can't splurge on a trainer . . . HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. Personal trainers provide structure and accountability to your fitness regimen. But if it's out of your budget, here's how you can reap the same benefits on your own:

4. Join an online community.  
5. Get high-tech help from goal-tracking apps and websites that allow you to monitor your progress.

6. Take a picture. The motivational power of 'before' photos is massive, because you're going to improve.
If you cannot splurge on a gym membership . . . HIT THE PAVEMENT. Think of the great outdoors as an enormous, free cardio room. Here are a few ways to get your heart pumping, no equipment necessary.

7. To torch fat, do outdoor intervals. Run up a hill or stairs at top speed for up to a minute, then walk back down at your normal pace to catch your breath and recover.
8. Check a map. Your local geography might offer a unique workout opportunity—are there mountains to climb, oceans to swim, or a stadium for stair running?

9. Go back to the DVD rack.
If you can't splurge on fitness equipment . . . GET CREATIVE. You don't need to invest in a full set of dumbbells or a weight bench to do resistance training. Here's how to build muscle on the cheap.

10. Turn everyday household items into makeshift equipment. Canned soup cans double as light weights, furniture can add instability, and a milk crate can work as a step. The Message Boards are the perfect place to find DIY ideas.
11. If you buy a pair of weights, go heavy.

12. Buy bands. Exercise bands are cheap, light, and take up almost no space in your house. Plus, they're ideal if you want to stick to your workouts while traveling.
If you can't splurge on a nutritionist . . . LEARN TO SHOP SMART. With a little pre-planning, you can eat well without racking up a huge grocery bill. Here's how to find nutritious foods that won't blow your budget.

13. Stick to the basics. Shop seasonal produce, lean meats, and other foods on the periphery of your grocery store. The center aisles are usually where packaged and processed foods are kept. Watch for sales on meat, and buy nuts or beans in bulk.
14. Get informed.  Read up on working out and nutrition.  There are so many books out there to choice from, and most people have several different ways to access the internet.  You can even find lots of different healthy recipes out there.

15. Plan your meals ahead of time so you're not winging it when you hit the aisles. Look for apps that help you plan meals and track deals.

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