Monday, October 7, 2013

Canned Soup......It's mmm mmm gross.

I was a big fan of canned soup.  I kept it stocked in the pantry, but one day I started making my own soups and stocks.  The difference in the taste and the price was so well worth never buying canned soup again.  I started reading the ingredients on the label and notice the large amount of salt in that little can.  I do not add salt to my soups, well sometimes a pinch.  I do mean a pinch.  I'm not a fan of salt.  Here is some information on canned soups.

As is also the case with canned veggies, you are entering a sodium minefield. Half a cup of Campbell's® Chicken Noodle Soup has about 37% of the recommended daily allowance, and who eats half a cup? I would still be hungry after the whole can.  I would be really thirsty afterwards.

Read that label carefully.  They hide chemicals in that can.  Most companies make low-sodium versions, if you must.  It's still best to make your own soups.  You can have complete control of what is in it.  It taste so much better.

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