Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's Peanut Butter!

Grind up peanuts, maybe add a little salt. How hard is it to make that taste good? I made the switch years ago.  Natural peanut butter is so good, but it does suck that you have to stir it up. 
Apparently, it's so difficult that many companies feel compelled to add sugar or high-fructose corn syrup into the mix. Some manufacturers, such as Skippy®, are up front enough to admit this and call their product "Peanut Butter Spread," but many others still refer to this sugary concoction as good old peanut butter.
Read your  labels. Considering real peanut butter has one ingredient, two ingredients, max. It should not be too hard to figure it out.  It's also great in shakes. I love peanut butter.

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