Monday, December 17, 2012

Let's go Krogering!

During this Holiday season most house will be filled with the smells of yummy flavors streaming though the air.  Where did the ingredients come from, I mean how were they grown.  You know what I mean.  Are there dangerous chemicals involved in your holiday meal?  Does your family know?

I know I have talked about this topic so many times, but I feel that it is and always will be important.  You care for your friends and family, so why not really care for what they eat and how they will feel in the next year.  I know you cannot control everything that they eat every day.  You can control some of the ingredients that you include in the dishes that you prepare. I have and still use store brand organic ingredients.

If you live near a Kroger grocery store, you are in luck.  They have their own line of organic products, Private Selection Organics, but the name now for most of the products have been changed to Simple Truth.  I love their products!  On most of the items the cost is very little more.  I mean a dime more, but some of the products are more expensive.  It is worth it. The Kroger organic products are cheaper than the name brand ones.
Like I have said before, just try one of them.  I have bought and tried many of the products, and I have never been disappointed once.  The next time that you are in Kroger's pick and purchase one organic item from their store line.  That is what I did and have not looked back.  Just do it!

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