Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We need Recycling Centers!

Now my home town does not have a recycling center, so what are people going to do with all of their recycling materials?!  I’m sure that they’re not a lot of people that used the center (I hope I’m wrong). The city needs to step up and do something about the problem.  All small towns need to do something about recycling.  I know I have talked about this before, and it still needs repeating.  The city or county need to be in control over recycling centers, so the people know that the process is completed correctly.  We hope that it would be.  Privately owned companies always have something to lose or to gain and in most cases it’s money.  I want every house, apartment, business or street side to have separate garbage bins.
I know all of this is a long shot.  It will take re-educating people for a proper recycling service to work.  Just think of all of the JOBS it would bring to small towns.  I know people love seeing that word, so I did it bold.  If you want change and things to get better, than get up off your ass and help fight.  Nothing is ever going to happen overnight, but if you can get a small number of people together in your own community and just complain to the power at bay.  Let your voices be heard, and be a voice for those who physically can’t leave their home.  I want to see small town cleaner and pollution free.  We can do it.  We just have to stick together.
Below is an article from what just happened in my home town.
UNION CITY, Tenn. - A massive and destructive fire that started Thursday morning at the Greenway Recover and Recycle Facility in Union City, Tennessee is still burning, and the facility is destroyed.
According to the Union City Fire Department, the fire started when a cardboard bailer caught fire.
Fire officials tell our Elizabeth Fields that employees tried to battle the initial fire and thought they had extinguished it, but the Union City fire chief says by the time there crews arrived on scene, the fire had spread under surrounding material.
Fire crews fought the blaze inside until 6:00 p.m. Thursday, but it eventually got away from them and overtook the building.  The roof of the facility collapsed at 8:00 p.m.
At some point overnight the flames spread from the building to the material in the yard outside of the building.
Firefighters have one truck on each side of the building to help combat the intense flames.  At this point they are still trying to keep the fire from spreading.  Fire officials tell us it could still be a couple of days before the fire is fully extinguished.
Firefighters are guessing that it could take days before the flames are completely burned out, and will continue to rotate shifts until the fire is out.
Greenway Recover & Recycle officials tell us their plan is, once the fire is out, to clean-up and try to get back to work as soon as possible.

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