Friday, April 6, 2012

Horse racing ranting

I was going to post this yesterday, but I had some things come up, so here it is.
The famous Kentucky Derby is a month away, May 5th.  The tens of millions of dollars that are spent every year for a one day event, so rich socialites can meet and show off their new designer outfits they brought or have made just for the event.  These people spent all of this money to watch short men on the back of a horse run around in a circle.  I hope these people are proud of themselves for what they help to promote, the abuse of these horse.
Don’t get me wrong the owners and trainers care for these animals, while they are making money, but when they can no longer race then many of the horses are put down after the race and even sometimes right on the track in front of the crowd.  I hope these people are proud of the money that they make from the abuse and cruelty of these incredible creatures.  The horses are given drugs so the horse cannot feel the pain that they are going through.  The owners just want them to race and win them money.  You just have to love the greed of the owners putting a animals life and health at risk just to make money.
The people that owner these horses have money to begin with.  That is the only way to get into the horse racing business.  You never hear of poor people buying a race horse.  People need to find other ways to gamble their money away.

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  1. I totally agree. It disgusts me. Lately, I've been keeping up with the abuse of dairy cows. Many, many of the companies are being shut down due to it. I'm all for soy milk if these sick people are going to abuse our cows. In fact, I love vanilla soy milk. I guess I sound a bit like a hypocrite since I do eat the poor cow's meat, but aren't we all?