Friday, February 3, 2012

Keep it clean.

I just want to take a moment and talk about free newspaper and fliers.  We all get them in the drive way or on the door.  What do you do about them?  I read them then dispose of them properly.
In my neighborhood, they are mostly just left on the ground period.  They are left to the environment to deal with and look nasty after just one week.  Of course we get them every week, and no one picks them up and throws them away.  The papers are left to decompose in the grass or gravel.  I hate seeing such a mess.  It looks nasty for the neighborhood, and I understand if no one lives there.  Some of the people that throw or hand these out must not be smart enough not to give one to an empty house.
For the ones that work or run lawn care services, if you see anything like this in the yard or the area get up and throw it away.  Do not run over it with the mower!  Some people do not want garbage blowing in their yard because someone was too lazy to pick it up.
A few summers ago, there was an old fat man who did the yard across the street from me.  He would not pick up a thing.  He would just mow over anything.  The cut up newspaper would fly through the air like we were having a party.  Of course knowing me, I would yell at him for it, but he ignored me.  He just wanted to make a quick buck off of the owners of the rental house.  He charged them a lot for 10 mins of work, bad work.
Let’s just help keep our neighborhoods clean and garbage free.  It’s good for you and the environment.  Those newspapers and fliers can be recycled.

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