Friday, January 6, 2012


I tried a new product last night that I am so pleased to write about.  It’s Jason Cinnamon mint mouthwash.  I was worried that it would be way too strong for me, but the taste is light and does not leave an aftertaste in your mouth.  It just feels clean and minty.  The mouthwash is clear.
I have been using Listerine and Crest for years (I like to switch it up).  I have always wondered why they add dyes or colorants to mouthwash.  Does it make it work or taste better?  There is no need for all of this dye to enter our bodies.  I know there are some mouthwashes that are clear and rightfully so that is how it should be.
Our bodies are sponges.  If you don’t believe me go put some lotion on.  Does it just sit on top of your skin?  Of course not, but with any oral care product the effect is more.  The dyes and chemicals are getting in your blood stream through your mouth.
I want each person that reads this to look at your current oral health care products and see what color it is.  Below is the link to the Jason website.  I have used several of their products and have been pleased every time.  Not all places carry the brand, but there are ways to get it.  I brought mine at a Ross for Less store.  It is a bit expensive at Kroger’s.  I do know that.
Now I know that it may not be affordable to use all of the time, but if you see any of their products cheap, and you will, pick it up and try it.

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