Thursday, December 29, 2011

Popcorn time!

I spent years eating microwave popcorn to lose weight, and I never end heard or thought about with the “butter flavor” was or what was in it.  Now after reading about the chemicals that are used in major national brands, I will be thinking twice about what popcorn I eat.  I mean really, lung condition from the “butter”.  I only eat butter popcorn.  Since the harmful discovery of diacetyl used to make the “butter” has been removed from products, companies are using chemicals that are just as harmful instead.  Buy a hot air popper or use the stove top like you use to.  It’s safer.

Diacetyl, the chemical that imparts the buttery flavor in microwave popcorn has a disease named after it due to the large amount of microwave popcorn factory workers that came down with the lung condition Diacetyl Induced Bronchiolitis Obliterans; or “Popcorn Worker’s Lung”. There is no official ban in the EU, and U.S. companies are starting to volunarily replace this ingredient in the microwave popcorn. The CDC has issued a safety alert for workers in factories that use diacetyl.

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