Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FD&C Green #3

This colorant is mainly used in food in forms of green icing, to color peas, some candies and eatable decorations and fish.  Yes, I said fish that is so nasty.  The main use of this colorant is in soaps, body washes hair dyes and deodorants.  Items you use every day, if not some twice a day.  Your skin will absorb the chemicals, so you end up with extra harmful chemicals running through your system.  I once used a deodorant that was bluish, and the dye was so intense that it stained two of my shirt blue, and then it would not come out.  I quick threw it away and now I will not buy any deodorant with color.

FD&C Green #3 has been linked to studies showing tumors in rats that were injected with this dye. David Steinman, author of The Safe Shopper’s Bible, recommends avoiding this dye as it has been found to be carcinogenic.


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