Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FD&C Blue #1

Do you remember when blue M&M’s came back on the market?  They were removed because of the dye that was used and now their back.  There are still people that will not eat them, just in case.  The information below will let you know some reasons why.
FD&C Blue #1 – Brilliant Blue FCF was previously banned in many EU countries, but most have removed the ban. It is on the list of approved colorants in the U.S. The International Agency for Research on Cancer concluded in 1998, that this colorant causes cancer in rats. Studies have found this substance to be a skin and eye irritant and allergen. There is a wonderful website called Toxicology Advice and Consulting that summarizes recent studies on over 600 different chemicals. You need only type the name of the chemical into the database and press enter. The Material Safety Data Sheet for Blue 2 states that it is “hazardous in case of ingestion, of inhalation”; although this may refer to people who use this dye in large amounts.
FDA alerted health care professionals of several reports of toxicity, including death, associated with the use of FD&C Blue No. 1 (Blue 1) in enteral feeding solutions. In these reports, Blue 1 was intended to help in the detection and/or monitoring of pulmonary aspiration in patients being fed by an enteral feeding tube. Reported episodes were manifested by blue discoloration of the skin, urine, feces, or serum and some were associated with serious complications such as refractory hypotension, metabolic acidosis and death. Case reports indicate that seriously ill patients, particularly those with a likely increase in gut permeability (e.g., patients with sepsis), may be at greater risk for these complications.

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