Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stop raking leaves!

Fall is here and you know what that means?  It is time to get your yard ready for winter.  The one thing I try to tell people to do, so their yard will look good for next year, to not rake your leaves.  I know people here are bad about piling up leaves near the street to show off the grass and make their yard look cleaner.  Do not do this.
Break out the mower one last time and cut all of the leaves up.  I do it every year or I have someone to do it. (I do not have a place to keep a mower.)  By mowing over the leaves you are making mulch for the yard for free!  The next summer your yard will look better, than it did the year before.  Mowing is easier than raking.  Who likes to rake leaves?  It takes too long and you get hot while doing it. The one thing though when you are mowing leaves, you may need to wear a protective mask and eye wear, if it is too dry when you do this.  You do not need to breathe the dust or get it in your eyes.  I just want people to be safe this fall while doing their yard work.
What are some tasks that you do to prep your yard for winter?

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