Monday, October 17, 2011

Reading materials

Today I want to talk about your reading materials.  I am asking you to buy any for a school or whatever.  I just want to know what you do with your magazines, newspapers and books.  I have seen in the past in people’s homes and even on television shows where people keep them.  I mean they are stacked up on tables, bathrooms and even in the corners of rooms.  This does not need to happen.  For one it can take up space and make a rook look cluttered.  Now who wants their house to look like that?
Let’s get rid of all of it, but where and how you say?  Landfills do not need anything else to read.
As I have posted before, you can always take paper products to a recycling center.  For old books, you can donate them to the library or swap them out with friends as in a book exchange, I know several people that do this.  For magazines, take them to the nearest senior center or nursing home.  Just remember to remove or black out the mailing address.   Go through all of the magazines and tear out anything that you want from there.  You’ll thank me for this.  You never know what you forgot about or missed.
What are some other ways to recycle reading materials?

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