Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween costume ideas

Since it is getting close to Halloween, I wanted to find ideas for homemade costumes to post, but the ones that I have been finding were stupid and not that easy to pull off.  You still have time though.  You have about two weeks to start looking for stuff around your house.  The recession has hurt everyone in one way or another, so put your thinking caps on. There are costumes that will help you some money to make from home with only having to buy the inexpensive make-up at stores. Here are some easy ideas for costumes that can be made at home, for the most part:
Ghost, hobo, spider, clown, Frankenstein, vampire, empire, sports figure, monster, ghoul, zombie, lady bug, butterfly, or your favorite political figure.
Pick one and have fun!
Here is a link for kid’s costumes.  There are some easy and cute ideas.
Friends know how much I love Martha Stewart.  Here is a direct link to costumes for kids and adults on her site.

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