Thursday, October 20, 2011

Green Lighting

Here is some information I found about green lighting.  It can make a difference, if you haven’t done it already.

Green Lighting: By the Numbers
·  10 percent: The percentage of global electricity saved by switching to entirely efficient lighting systems, according to a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The carbon dioxide emissions saved by such a switch would dwarf cuts so far achieved by adopting wind and solar power.

·  19 percent: The percentage of global electricity generation taken for lighting-- that's more than is produced by hydro or nuclear stations and about the same that's produced from natural gas."

·  40 percent: the increase in sales in stores with good natural light. (the Heschong Mahone Group)

·  25-33 percent: The percentage of total requirements to receive a LEED Silver rating, that builder can achieve through the use of day lighting in their design.
·  2.5 million: The number of homes that could be lit from the energy saved if every American replacing one light bulb with an Energy Star rated one; this action would also prevent emissions of greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of nearly 800,000 cars.

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