Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Soup

I just had some amazing soup.  I have never liked canned or store bought soups at all.  They just seemed too salty or too runny or just bland.  I’ve tried all of the major brands and store brands.  I still did not really like them.  I have always just made all of my soups from scratch.  I make great soups, so why buy them.
A few weeks ago, I was grocery shopping.  I had always seen these carton soups in the natural foods section of the store, so I saw that they were on sale and I bought two of them.  I had one of them tonight.  It was so good.  The company is Imagine.  I had the butternut squash.  Now these are pureed soups, but they are creamy and a smooth.  You have got to try these.  For the most part, all of the soups are organic (USDA) all natural, vegetarian, non-dairy, no msg with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.  I love these.
Also try another company called Pacific.  They have soups and broths the same.  Their soups are great as well.

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