Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting ready for winter part 3

If you have a fireplace in your home you need to clean it for your family’s safety.  I remember my parent’s chimney catching fire one night, but lucky enough everything was ok.  It could have been really bad.
Floor Heating Systems
If your home is particularly prone to drafts and cold floors, you might consider the advantages of installing a floor heating system to regulate some extra warmth. Floor heating is available in hot water or electric cable, and installation into rooms or specific places within a room is not a difficult procedure. Electric cable systems are the easiest option for installation in individual rooms. You can have your electric floor heating system installed in either heat pads or heat cables, which are first installed into the sub-floor, covered with thin-set, and with tile or other masonry. You can also find compatible pads and cables for floors with carpeting or vinyl. Both 110 and 220-volt systems are available and controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat. You can find these systems through retailers of electrical equipment and some home centers, and floor heating mats usually through ceramic tile supply distributors. Floor heating should be installed through a joint procedure of an electrician and tile installer.
Chimneys and Fireplaces
Have your chimney and fireplace inspected by a chimney service before you attempt to use your fireplace for the season, and have it cleaned if necessary. A cleaning is important because chimney flues that have become lined with creosote are fire hazardous.
Make sure the condition of the spark arrestor on top of the chimney is inspected so that there are no tears in the fabric that would allow embers to escape, also becoming a fire hazard.

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