Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For your pets and family

For people who have indoor pets.  What type of cleaners do you use around your house?  Do the cleaners contain a lot of chemicals inside?  Chemicals are harmful to pets as much as they are to humans.  Would you ever drink from an unwashed glass that once contained floor cleaner, window cleaner or even bath room cleaners?  Of course you would not, then why would you let your pets lick it up?
Cats and dogs lick the floor and anything else that they can get to.  It is just the way it is.  I became worried about this when I started owning pets of my own.  Who wants another vet bill? I was too worried about them becoming ill from a cleaner I use on the floor, so I did my research and changed cleaners.
I bought a bottle of Seventh Generation All-Purpose cleaner to use on the floors. (I have a puker.) It worked better than any other cleaner that I had use before, even on spots than had dried on the floor. (I have hard wood floors.)  Even on my shag rugs the mess comes out with the cleaner.  In an earlier post I mentioned that I had problems with fumes from cleaners.  When I changed cleaners the fumes stop, and I was not so worried about the cats licking the floor.  By switching you will be taking care of your pets, yourself and the environment.  The prices are about the same, and I have noticed that grocery stores are having the greener cleaning products on sale.
Try a new greener cleaner and see how it works for yourself, and then post your finds on here.

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