Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saving gas

Here is a way to help save gas.  The one thing that I changed to help save gas was to stop using drive up windows.  If you can go inside and take care of business, I do.  It saves time and gas.  I know if kids are in the car with you it can be more of a hassle. I get that, but if you are without kids park and get out.  When you sit in a drive up window, it takes more time, if there are several people ahead of you and you’re wasting gas. I know it’s not much but every little bit counts now days.  You could be able to put off getting gas off in the future. You also increase the steps that you take each time you park and walk in a place.  Who doesn’t need to have more movement in their day? I know I do.
When I started parking instead of waiting, I noticed that the same person were in line when I was walking back to the car. Something to think about.


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