Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Start Recycling!

Today I want to talk about recycling.  It’s something that I have always talked about with family and friends, but I have never started doing myself. I know I need to, but I do live in a small house for now.  I’m starting to recycle, and I want everyone to try and start to do the same.
When I lived in California, the San Francisco Bay Area, all of the recycling was pick up at a person’s residents and they did not have to take it anywhere. They would provide the different crates or bins for each type of recyclable material, and there was even a separate large container for all lawn clippings. I have never understood why all states do not do the same.  Murfreesboro does have an area to take all recyclable materials.  I will be going there to post more information about the area next week.
Now I know that not all area have recycling centers or drop off areas, but there maybe one close to you.  If you do not have a lot of materials that can be recycled, and that is a good thing, you can team up with friends and neighbors to collect the materials, and then take turns dropping it off.
Several years ago I was able to fill my city provided garbage container to the top every week. I mean I would have to push the lid down just so it would close.  For the past two years it has become less of a hassle.  I can barely fill half of the garbage container.
I want each person to contact their local water department and ask where the local recycling center or recycling drop off area is.  If there is not one, then ask then why?

I wish we had these kind of bins.


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