Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How does it look in the store?

Now on yesterday’s blog, I was talking about organic fruit and the difference between organic and non organic.  On today’s blog, I want to talk about two different things which are vegetables and how they look in stores.
The organic vegetables that you will find in stores are normally in great condition.  The taste and textures are more intense with organic vegetables than you will find with the normal varieties in stores.
The look of organic produce in some large grocery store chains is terrible.  I have a store near my house that I frequent at times, but I will never buy produce there.  They have an organic produce section in the store, but the items look bruised and bad.  I would throw the food away instead of trying to sell it.  The strange part of the story is that the same chain of stores in this town has incredible looking organic produce.  I have no problem making purchases there.  I do not want to name names just yet, but I will be in the future.  I have no problem being blunt.
I do not bother even going shopping for organic produce at the “super center”.  The selection is limited.  They do have some and it is a small sum of a selection of organic produce.  You have to shop around for good and healthy produce.  A farm’s market is one of the best places to shop at.  For one you will be helping to support local farmers that have more control on how their products are grown and handled, and you will be helping support your local community.
Post on here if you have a farmer’s market in your area.  There will be people looking to see where one is in small communities.

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