Monday, September 19, 2011


This past weekend I was cleaning my house.  There is a product that I love to use in my bathroom and on my white floors on the bathroom and kitchen.  (I will get into more on the topic of household cleaners in the future.) The product contains mostly bleach, which for some people that is completely fine, but I have problems when it comes to bleach.  The product is a national store brand, and it is the only harmful product that I buy.  The only reason I keep buying it is that the house I live in is old and loves mold and crap like that.  The bleach cleaner works! It will remove most any stain or whatever you have.  You need to wear a mask when you use it and open up the windows.  The fumes are harsh and dangerous to breathe. For the two days that I used the cleaner, I was sick for the whole day.  I developed bad headaches, nausea and a dull pain in my torso.  I felt terrible all day both days, but when the house aired out I was fine. The bleach itself does not harm me in any way, but the chlorine that is added to cheap bleaches kills me.  It has only been in the past several years that I have become sensitive to chemicals, but like I said more on that later.
Has there ever been a cleaning product that you have use that has physically bothered you?

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