Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's go for a walk.

For today’s blog, I want to talk about exercise.  We will be talking a lot more about this subject throughout this journey. For the past two weeks I have been exercising more and more.  I love to work out, but I just hate being around people when I do it.  I have talked to many people that feel the same way.  You feel that people are looking at you and talking about how you look, but they are not. Nobody cares, sadly enough, about if you there or not, except the owner.  I have been going to the gym more often and walking every day.  It’s a start in the right direction.  I’m just working on doing more than I am now.  I know fall is here and winter is around the corner.  The days are counting down where I will not be able to go walking outside.  I have tried to go walking outside when it’s cold, and I cannot do it.  I have tried every year and fail.  I’m going to do my best this year.
Do any of you have odd reasons not to exercise? Let me know.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saving gas

Here is a way to help save gas.  The one thing that I changed to help save gas was to stop using drive up windows.  If you can go inside and take care of business, I do.  It saves time and gas.  I know if kids are in the car with you it can be more of a hassle. I get that, but if you are without kids park and get out.  When you sit in a drive up window, it takes more time, if there are several people ahead of you and you’re wasting gas. I know it’s not much but every little bit counts now days.  You could be able to put off getting gas off in the future. You also increase the steps that you take each time you park and walk in a place.  Who doesn’t need to have more movement in their day? I know I do.
When I started parking instead of waiting, I noticed that the same person were in line when I was walking back to the car. Something to think about.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How does it look in the store?

Now on yesterday’s blog, I was talking about organic fruit and the difference between organic and non organic.  On today’s blog, I want to talk about two different things which are vegetables and how they look in stores.
The organic vegetables that you will find in stores are normally in great condition.  The taste and textures are more intense with organic vegetables than you will find with the normal varieties in stores.
The look of organic produce in some large grocery store chains is terrible.  I have a store near my house that I frequent at times, but I will never buy produce there.  They have an organic produce section in the store, but the items look bruised and bad.  I would throw the food away instead of trying to sell it.  The strange part of the story is that the same chain of stores in this town has incredible looking organic produce.  I have no problem making purchases there.  I do not want to name names just yet, but I will be in the future.  I have no problem being blunt.
I do not bother even going shopping for organic produce at the “super center”.  The selection is limited.  They do have some and it is a small sum of a selection of organic produce.  You have to shop around for good and healthy produce.  A farm’s market is one of the best places to shop at.  For one you will be helping to support local farmers that have more control on how their products are grown and handled, and you will be helping support your local community.
Post on here if you have a farmer’s market in your area.  There will be people looking to see where one is in small communities.

Monday, September 26, 2011


When I started buying organic produce, I was worried about the taste and of course the cost.  I was so surprised that I was wrong.  I was afraid that the produce would look bad and have insect bites all over it, like you would find in a garden sometimes.  The produce look like it is supposed to not all waxy and slick.
The first produce that I bought was fruit.  I’m not the biggest fan of fruit, but I thought it was a good place to start.  Apples were always kind of hit or miss with me, but when I bought some apples at Whole Foods, I could not believe how good they were.  That was over a year ago, so ever since I have been buying only organic apples and no other.  The taste was real.  They tasted like apples are supposed to taste and the crispiness and juiciness was unbelievable.  I did not expect the apples to be that good.
The other side of this story happened this spring.  My parents came to town and brought me some stuff, and one of the items were some braeburn apples, which I love.  My Mom had found some on sale which she brought to me.  (I have already told her this, and I felt bad about telling her.) The apples that she brought to me were regular apples that you would find in the store, not organic.  They were terrible! The texture was grainy and just fell apart in your mouth.  Each one that I tried was like that and I have tried other brands of non organic apples, and the experience was about the same.
Now, I’m a huge banana eater; I love them.  I started buying organic bananas to start eating more organic.  They taste like real bananas.  I know it sounds odd, but it’s true.  One day the organic bananas were too green and I wanted some that day, so I bought regular bananas.  I didn’t think there would be that big of a difference, but I was so wrong.  The bananas tasted like nothing.  There was no taste at all.  I just threw them out.  I will not go back to eating non organic produce.
I would like for each person to pick a fruit and buy one regular and one organic, if your local store has organic.  Try both and post on here you opinion.  I would love to hear what you think.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Start Recycling!

Today I want to talk about recycling.  It’s something that I have always talked about with family and friends, but I have never started doing myself. I know I need to, but I do live in a small house for now.  I’m starting to recycle, and I want everyone to try and start to do the same.
When I lived in California, the San Francisco Bay Area, all of the recycling was pick up at a person’s residents and they did not have to take it anywhere. They would provide the different crates or bins for each type of recyclable material, and there was even a separate large container for all lawn clippings. I have never understood why all states do not do the same.  Murfreesboro does have an area to take all recyclable materials.  I will be going there to post more information about the area next week.
Now I know that not all area have recycling centers or drop off areas, but there maybe one close to you.  If you do not have a lot of materials that can be recycled, and that is a good thing, you can team up with friends and neighbors to collect the materials, and then take turns dropping it off.
Several years ago I was able to fill my city provided garbage container to the top every week. I mean I would have to push the lid down just so it would close.  For the past two years it has become less of a hassle.  I can barely fill half of the garbage container.
I want each person to contact their local water department and ask where the local recycling center or recycling drop off area is.  If there is not one, then ask then why?

I wish we had these kind of bins.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Potato Chips

On the last post I was taking about visiting your local store to discover what products could be found.  Now, the next time that you are shopping I want every person to replace one organic item for the normal one that you buy, if it is available and affordable.  That is how I got started buying organic and all-natural foods.  My product was potato chips.  They are something that I do not buy, but secretly love too much.  I bought a bag of Kettle Brand chips. I have an absolute love of these chips, and they are available at most Wal-Mart store.  I mean if they have them at the location where I’m from them most of them will.  I will only buy all-natural potato chips now, and several companies are organic as well.  If you’re a chip eater, then I highly recommend them.  Also, the brand Cape Cod has many different flavors and look at the ingredients on original Lays chips, only three ingredients.
I want people to try these brands and put your comments on here. I want to hear your opinion.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going shopping

For today’s blog I want to talk about buying organic or all-natural products.  I have tried many different products that fall in one or both of these categories, and I have not really been disappointed, well except for a few times. I am going to keep this short today. I want each person whom reads to look in your local stores and see what they have to offer in organics.  Just read the packaging and see what it says about the product, then go home and look up their website to find out more information about the company and where they stand.  You would really be surprised by what you will find.
Report on here what you find and your opinion about the discovery.


Monday, September 19, 2011


This past weekend I was cleaning my house.  There is a product that I love to use in my bathroom and on my white floors on the bathroom and kitchen.  (I will get into more on the topic of household cleaners in the future.) The product contains mostly bleach, which for some people that is completely fine, but I have problems when it comes to bleach.  The product is a national store brand, and it is the only harmful product that I buy.  The only reason I keep buying it is that the house I live in is old and loves mold and crap like that.  The bleach cleaner works! It will remove most any stain or whatever you have.  You need to wear a mask when you use it and open up the windows.  The fumes are harsh and dangerous to breathe. For the two days that I used the cleaner, I was sick for the whole day.  I developed bad headaches, nausea and a dull pain in my torso.  I felt terrible all day both days, but when the house aired out I was fine. The bleach itself does not harm me in any way, but the chlorine that is added to cheap bleaches kills me.  It has only been in the past several years that I have become sensitive to chemicals, but like I said more on that later.
Has there ever been a cleaning product that you have use that has physically bothered you?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Beginning

For the first post for this blog, I’ll give a bit of a back story, so that you all will know where I started.  I grew up in a rural town in Tennessee and overweight.  The idea of healthy living was unheard of where I was.  The town then and to this day is made up of mostly fast food restaurant chains and deep fried everything.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the deep fried goodness, well you get the idea.  I moved to California over ten years ago, and I discovered organic food.  By this time I had heard of the term organic, but I had never seen any organic products in stores.  It was in 2000 that I had finally learned of these great products.  Now I am back in Tennessee discovering the organic and all-natural movement for myself.
When was the first time you had seen organic products in stores?



Welcome to Tyler’s Greener Living! This is my first posting for this blog or any blog for that matter.  I have been on a journey to live a greener and healthier life for the past two years.  The intention of this blog is for others joining my on this journey to a healthier life.  I’m not an expert on the subject or anything like that. I am just a normal person like you whom wants to change.  The path was not easy but not too difficult.  I will be offering knowledge and some tips on ways of creating a healthier life.  That is all everyone wants is just to feel better.  I encourage everyone who signs up to my blog to commit on the posts.  I am looking forward to creating a community that is open to discuss any problems or suggestions on the subject. 
Let’s get started!