Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Don't go to waste

This is the best way not to waste the fresh herbs that you bought and for the ones that you picked out of your garden. When you are ready to use them again, all you have to do is just drop one in the pot of what you are cooking. It is that easy. You will not feel bad about wasting anything. Your body will also thank you for it. Give it a try. To your health.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Food Color Wheel

We need to eat more colorful foods. Why is that most Americans eat brownish beige food that all looks the same? We are told to eat fast, because work is more important than health. We have to eat fast, which makes us fatter and more lazy. That would make us work less and be more tired. Is that what the companies what? Tired and lazy workers? Do you want to so tired that you cannot even spend quality time with your family after work?

I do not mean drown your food in colorful sauces or anything like that. I mean eat a variety of different vegetables. Potatoes are nothing but carbs and starches, so let's try to limit the amount of the white potato veg. Just look at the color wheel chart about and see for yourself. You will feel better and look better day by day. Just work on giving it a try. You will thank yourself later on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kill the Pain

Here are some ideas to naturally get rid of pain that you may have inside your body. All of those pills that are on the market do the trick of relieving body aches and pains, but what else is it doing to your insides? Have you ever thought of that? That is a good question that you need to ask yourself. Would you rather pop a pill or a slap on a patch, or would you rather eat something that can cause pain relief? Who does not like to eat? Just something that you need to think about. All body need to be cleaned out of all of these pills that we are told to take.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kid's food

It is getting close to summer, and school will be out. That means kids will be at home more. They are going to want tons of snacks, but they still need to have healthy eating habits. Parents this is up to up. Kids do not do the shopping. You do, and you need to watch what you have in the house for your kids to snack on. I don't want to hear, well they don't like this or that. Who runs the house? Who is the parent? Then act like it. Your children's health start with you. Keep the bad food out of their reach and leave the healthy ones in their reach. If you can start this early then your children will live a healthier life. I'm tired of seeing obese children in stores. It is so sad to see a child that will not have a happy childhood. You can do it. I know you can. It may even start you on a healthier path.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Memory Maker

As we get older, the one part of ourselves that we do not want to lose is our memory. You could take almost anything else but not that. Memory becomes you self identity, so you want to hold on to every last minute of your past. Add these five different food to your diet. It will not hurt you, but it could make you healthier, feel better and maybe increase your memory bank. It is worth a try to eat tasty food and an excuse.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

They need help

We are the ones that can make the change. These companies only care about money and nothing else. They need to be sent a message letting them know that they need to change the way of making and producing their food products. People think that it is out of their hands to make companies changes, but all it takes is people's voice to help them make a decision. These companies have made the choice for you on how and what you eat. Let's make these choices better and more healthy for our bodies. You deserve the best, so why not give your body real food instead of chemical man-made garbage. The choice is yours to make. You can help these companies, or you can buy from your neighbors and communities. Think about it. Read the ingredients.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Help the Bees

Bees are one of the most important flying insects that we have. If it were them then we could not have all of the fresh food that we have. They are the biggest pollinators in the land. I know if you are allergic to them, then they suck. These plants pictured below show how you can help support the bee population, since the numbers are decreasing. Monsanto has developed a pesticide that kills bees, so they can control all of the crops, and food produced. Why would you give your money to a company that wants to control that food that you eat? Stop buying their products.